I am Gareth Senior.

My middle name is Mark, but I’m not too keen on it.

I was born in 1974, Harold Wilson was Prime Minister, L666ds United were the English League Champions, Terry Jacks’ song “Seasons In The Sun” was the top of the hit parade. It was a different time.

I grew up. I’ve finished now. From here on in it’s all downhill. Whee!

I lived in West Yorkshire for a good few years. It was pretty windy. I lived in Lancashire for a while. I live in London now.

I like eggs, they’re my favourite food. Any kind of egg: scrambled, poached, fried, boiled, omelettes too… but not meringue, which seems like a waste of a good egg. If I think about them too long, meringues make me angry.

The first record I owned was “Snooker Loopy” by Chas & Dave and The Matchroom Mob. Don’t judge me. This first album I bought with my own money was “Kick” by INXS which is still ace I reckon. I don’t have still have my original cassette copy, sadly.

My favourite book is “Mr. Tickle” by Roger Hargreaves, probably, or “War & Peace” – it’s a close run thing (only joking, its good for morale! I never read Tolstoy, life’s too short). My favourite films include “Bugsy Malone”, “The Italian Job”, “Back To The Future” and “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”.

My eyes are a muddy mix of brown and green due to a combination of rayleigh scattering and a moderate amount of melanin in the iris’ anterior border layer. Some people call that “hazel”.

I have no idea what my blood group is. I should probably find that out one day.

That’s enough “about me” though, don’t you think? Probably way too much. Hey, you asked…


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